Cabbage Steaks? Trust us.


Oh yeah baby, these purple beauties are changing up our roast game. With only a two minute prep and 20 minute roasting our c a b b a g e cuties have been winning over our friends when served as part of our Sunday dinner. To add to your list of favourites, you will need:

Three Ingredients: One whole red cabbage, two cloves crushed garlic & juice of one lemon.

To Make:

  1. Slice the red cabbage into 1.5cm steaks and rub with olive oil and crushed garlic

  2. Spritz all over with fresh lemon juice

  3. Roast at 220c for 40 minutes until the edges are crisp. We enjoy ours over a big olโ€™ joint of roast pork and crackling with three to five

    glasses of red w i n e.