Hot Damn Courgette Fries


Oh yes, this recipe has been done again and again over the summer - hot terrace, cold wine, good music & a g i a n t charger plate of crisp and lemony courgette fries, our fail safe.

Four Ingredients: Tempura mix 148g, 180ml ice cold sparkling water, x4 courgettes, plain flour..

To Make:

  1. Mix 148g tempura mix with 180ml of sparkling water & whisk into a smooth batter.

  2. Cut your courgette in to your preferred chip shape then dust all over with plain flour.

  3. Carefully heat an inch of sunflower oil in a deep set saucepan until slowly bubbling, dip each chip in the batter and then fry for two minutes until crisp and golden.

  4. Remove and keep crisping in the oven until all ready - - squeeze lemon juice on top to add some tangy freshness .

Grace DowlingComment